Eyes are the window of the soul,  this is especially true of horses.


2013 Holiday Season Greeting

“I’ll be there with bells on…”

As the days pass and Christmas comes closer, I try to take time each day to enjoy the season.  For me – it’s the simple things; the smell of pine, the shiny iridescent quality of a snowflake and the sound of bells.  

In particular, I have loved the sound of sleigh bells since I was a child. And now that I have a horse friend, it’s even more special.  And of course, my horse Red is one of the colours of the season. 

This leads me to the question – where does the phrase “I’ll be there with bells on” come from?  According to www.phrases.org.uk there are several meanings. 

I believe the one most suitable for the holiday season is:


“Bells that were added decoratively to the harnesses of horses

in parades and especially in circuses or other gala circumstances,

as depicted on old Christmas cards and the like.  Someone coming

to a party ‘with bells on’ wasn’t just coming, he was planning to

come in with a flourish to boost the festive spirit.”


So, in conclusion, enjoy the holiday season in warmth with your cherished ones and bring the festive spirit everywhere you go.  To all my family, friends, blog followers, and clients – a very special thank you for supporting my entrepreneurial spirit.  And remember to listen for those bells…Red and I may

be just around the corner arriving with a flourish.


Lorelei and Red