Fall 2013 Message – SKY Magazine


His is a world not known to many, but revered by all.  He symbolizes freedom to some, to others strength and power.  He is the embodiment of nobility, grace and beauty.  I am mesmerized by his beauty, as I stand in admiration and respect of his equine essence.  His body muscular, yet fragile, has for centuries carried civilizations into times of war and peace, from captivity to freedom, from darkness to light.  His eyes are soulful, as if to tell the stories of his herd, past and present.  He is Red, and he is magnificent.

Since joining the entrepreneurial world in search of the freedom to live and work in my own vision, Red has been my muse, my teacher and my friend.  He inspires me to do good things and help others who would do the same.  He inspires me to connect to the community in a way that makes a difference.

And so I commit myself to helping non-profits and charitable organizations, who like Red, have a purpose to deliver people to freedom, to help others live a life of dignity and grace.  I ask that you look to the community and ask how you can help by getting involved in charitable organizations and non-profits.  If you see a need, start an organization that can fill that need.  I would love to help you help others find their freedom and live well.

Be sure to click on the link provided.  Lynn Armstrong, publisher of SKY Magazine, has written a lovely blog about Red and I, featuring additional photos from the fall photo shoot.


Happy “Audit” Trails,

Lorelei & Red