Summer 2013 Message – SKY Magazine

Life is about making memories with those who enrich our lives and help us to accomplish our goals.  I enjoy working with non-profits as their Chartered Accountant.  Together, we have travelled the journey of accounting, auditing, assurance and governance.

Life is a balance of doing the things I love to do and spending time with my friends and family who feeds my soul.  My family continues to inspire my way ahead, as does my friend Red, a 5 year-old 590 kilogram gelding who, at times, challenges me and teaches me about building relationships and being the kind of person that I aspire to be.

Since Red and I began this journey together, we have learned from each other.  There have been days when, despite my best intentions to spend time with Red, other things got in the way, like the weather and other commitments.  When Red and I are able to spend time together, I learn that having a mutually successful relationship takes time, energy, and sacrifice.

It’s summer time, and I am looking forward to hitting the trail with my trusty steed Red.  We will build some memories and learn from each other, no doubt.  I hope you are able to spend some time under the sun with those who inspire the way ahead.


Happy “Audit” Trails,

Lorelei & Red